About Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is rare but deadly1

5th most common

cause of cancer death in women1

More than

22,000 women

will be diagnosed with
ovarian cancer each year1

More than

200,000 women

are living with ovarian cancer
in the United States2


14,000 deaths

will occur due to ovarian
cancer each year1

A diagnosis of advanced-stage ovarian cancer often leads to poor prognosis2

Stage at diagnosis

Stage at diagnosis chart

Majority of ovarian cancer cases are
diagnosed at an advanced stage2

5-Year survival by stage

5 year survival by stage chart

Survival rate declines with an advanced-stage diagnosis2

Despite optimal outcomes of surgery and chemotherapy, the risk of progression in advanced ovarian cancer remains high3


of women with
advanced disease experience a

recurrence after
initial treatment3

Without maintenance, PFS shortens with each recurrence4

Ovarian cancer recurrence chart
Ovarian cancer recurrence chart

There is a need for a 1L maintenance approach that reduces the risk of progression or death and3,5-7:

Extends efficacy icon


efficacy to platinum responders, regardless of biomarker status8,9

Safety profile icon

Has a


safety profile8,9

Once-daily icon

Offers a


oral monotherapy8,10,11